ASEAN-Jits camp FAQ

What skill levels are welcome? Just like Jiu-Jitsu, this camp is for “Everyone”. There will be brand new white belts all the way up to black belts to train, roll, climb, and hang with!

How do I get to Ao Nang?

  • The closest airport to the Camp location is Krabi, Intl. Airport. Once you arrive, simply grab a cab or a mini-bus to Ao Nang (about 20 minutes by cab). Detailed address and directions will be sent as camp date gets closer.

When Should I get there? The first day of camp is Saturday, the 6th of February and we will be doing registrations starting at 2:00 pm and room assignments at 3:00 pm.Our recommendation is to arrive on Saturday sometime between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm, but hey, anytime during the week is fine 🙂 (*Note, while you can arrive / depart any time you like, the camp cost reflects a Sat. – Sat. stay and cannot be pro-rated).

When do I need to leave? Check-out is anytime before 11:00 am on Sat. the 13th of Feb. 2018

How much money should I bring? There are bank machines all over the strip (Moo 2) between the hotel and the beach. So, no need to bring a bunch of cash. Food is more expensive in Ao Nang than, say, Bangkok, but still very reasonable by any standard. Your individual expenses will depend on how / where you eat and how many excursions you take. Remember that extra excursions like Elephant treks, Island hops, and the Phang Nga Bay tour are extra and can be booked privately via the web, or through the booking desk at the hotel.

What else should I bring? Here is a short list of things I would suggest bringing:

  • Two kimonos (Our “Voyager” travel kimono is a great option) and two pair of board shorts (for climbing, splashing and for no-gi, of course ). There are laundry services at the hotel (extra cost) and also cheaper options on the strip.
  • Bathing suit(s)
  • Beach towel (bath towels are furnished at the resort)
  • Sunscreen – February starts to get hot in this part of Thailand.
  • Small can of bug spray – Mainly for sitting at the beach bars at night.
  • Flip-flops and/or hiking sandals. (climbing shoes will be provided for you).
  • Bring your tablet or laptop! Every room has free wifi!

Are there Halal food options? YES! The strip (Moo 2) has a large variety of food opions including Halal. This is a well-established vacation spot and, as to be expected, restaurants are abundant! Note that the free breakfast at the hotel is NOT Halal and we cannot “rebate” folks who can’t eat the hotel breakfast.

Are there vegetarian options in town? Absolutely! Pescatarian and vegetarian options are close by!

Are alcoholic beverages included in the package? No, all meals (except breakfast), are up to you to provide, but there are plenty of places to pick up some drinks on the strip.

Tell me more about Deep Water Soloing: I am really excited for this! It is going to be a lot of fun! The term “Deep-Water” tends to sound scarier than it is. It makes it sound like the activiy is dangerous but, in reality, the deep water is there so that when jumping there is NO hazard of hitting anything. All of the spots we will be climbing have been thoroughly checked out by divers prior to our event and we have hired professional guides to ensure we only climb safe jump routes. – Just climb up as high or as low as you want / dare and then have a blast jumping into the crisp Andaman Sea! February gets HOT in Thailand so the jade-green waters will be a welcome refreshment after working your way up the cliff face!

I have a BIG group, can I book more than 1 room? Yes, shoot us an e-mail at

Can I take private lessons? YES! Professor Barbosa is available for privates. You can work out a time and price with him personally.

Are there any upgrades I should know about? Sure! You can make this as luxurious as you would like.There are Deluxe and Deluxe Sea View rooms available. We can secure one for you if you like (additional costs may apply), Write us at

Do I have to attend every class? Absolutely not! It’s your vacation, you can attend as many or as few as you like. There is so much to do in the Krabi area that we expect some folks will take a class or two off, no problem!

What else is there to do in Krabi? 

There are TON of other activities in Ao Nang! besides lounging by the pool, shell hunting on the beach, swimming, relaxing etc… Check out this link to see all the stuff you can do between training, climbing and jumping! Things to do in Ao Nang.

What are the age limits? To rent a single bed, you must be 18 yrs. or older.

Can I bring my non-training spouse / significant other? YES! Bring your wife, your kids, anybody who would like to come along!

Is there a training only option? Unfortunately not. There is however, a “non-DWS” option for those who want to come to the camp but are afraid of climbing or whatever…

I’ve never been to a camp before, is this camp for me? Yes, yes, and yes! After having travelled through SE ASIA and training Jiu-Jitsu there I realized that there needed to be a mechanism to grow the ASEAN community of BJJ’ers, a way to connect everyone working hard to grow the BJJ lifestyle. This camp is the first step in creating a cohesive, ASEAN community of grapplers! Come to the camp! Have a blast! Learn more Jiu-Jitsu! You won’t regret it!

Still have questions? No problem! Just shoot us a message here: