FAQ – Whitewater-Jitsu

What skill levels are welcome? Just like Jiu-Jitsu, this camp is for “Everyone”. The river has no concern about belt rank 🙂 On the mats, everyone from “brand new” to Coral Belt are welcome…you Red Belts stay way! Too much pressure 🙂 JK Red Belts are welcome too!

How do I get to the camp?

  • The closest airport to the Camp location is Beckley / Raleigh County Memorial Airport
    in Beckley WV and direct flights can be found from Chicago O’Hare. Once at Beckley Raleigh Airport, Follow these directions to the registration / check in point!
  • If your are driving in:
    • Rough driving time estimates. From:
      • Columbus, Oh: 4 hrs.
      • Washington D.C.: 5 hrs.
      • Pittsburgh, PA: 3.5 hrs.
      • Louisville, KY: 5 hrs.
      • Charlotte, NC: 4 hrs.
    • Here is a link to the google map location of the camp. Just plug in your starting point and we will see you there! Google maps.

When Should I get there? The first day of camp is Friday, the 15th of September and we will be doing registrations starting at 4:00 pm. Our seminar with Professor Ware will begin at 5:00 pm and last until 8:00 pm after which we will host our campfire cookout with traditional camp food like hot dogs, potato salad, chips, drinks, etc…(BYOB)

When do I need to leave? Check-out is 10:00 am on Sun. the 17th of Sept. 2017. We will get up on Sunday and pack our sleeping gear away (in your car, or we can store it for you if necessary). We will have our second EPIC rafting trip of the weekend Sunday morning, then be taken back to the resort where we can change clothes and get cleaned up before heading home to get a little rest before the grind starts back up on Monday 🙁

How much money should I bring? The only thing you will need to pay for is dinner on Saturday night and any alcohol you might purchase at the restaurants. The resort restaurants run a little on the expensive side (IMHO) and a burger, fries and a beer (okay, two beers) will run you about $25.00 (plus tip) at Chetty’s Pub. If you would prefer to bring your own campfire food for night two, you are completely welcome to do so. If we have any leftovers from night one, we will make them available (but no promises on that one 🙂 ).

What else should I bring? Here is a short list of things I would suggest bringing:

  • Sleeping bag and pillow. Our modern bunks have mattresses but linens are not included.
  • One kimono (Our “Voyager” travel kimono is a great option) for our “Gi” seminar on Friday night.
  • Bathing suit.
  • Dry clothes for after the day’s rafting trip.
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen – We will spend long-ish days on the water where reflected sun will get you 🙂
  • Small can of bug spray – Mainly for sitting around the campfire at night.
  • Comfortable shoes that you can get wet!
  • Toiletries for showers, etc…
  • A wetsuit is highly recommended (but not required). If you do not have one, there is a limited supply of rentals available.

Is there Wi-Fi at the camp? Not this time. This camp is in the wilderness and there is no wi-fi reception. Some people may not have cellular reception either so prepare appropriately. (i.e. tell your boss you can’t be bothered because you are busy being EPIC!)

Are there vegetarian options at the camp? Absolutely! Vegetarian options are available for the campfire cookout and at the resort restaurants (Just let us know so we can prepare). Vegan options…not so much.

Are alcoholic beverages included in the package? No, but you are welcome to bring your own.

What are the minimum requirements for Rafting?: The minimum age (for the camp) is 18. For this river (especially at this time of year) it is highly recommended that you be able to swim and be in decent physical condition.

With 2800 cfs of water being released from the Summerville dam, this will be two days of wild rides, so keep this in mind when consuming your “favorite beverages” in the evenings.

I want to make a “team challenge” out of this weekend, can I book a whole boat / cabin for my team?  Absolutely,Yes. Check out our “Team Challenge” page and then shoot us an e-mail at trainingcamps@yolobjj.com

Are there any upgrades I should know about? Sure! You can make this as luxurious as you would like.There are “deluxe” and “deluxe hot tub” rooms available (very limited supply). We can secure one for you if you like (and if it is available, but pricing will rise accordingly and these cabins may not be near to the group). Write us at trainingcamps@yolobjj.com

Do I have to attend the seminar? No, of course not. If you just can’t get away on Friday to attend the seminar, just let us know and we will be ready for your late check-in. Like all our camps, however, the BJJ is free and there is no discount for “Rafting Only”.

What are the age limits? For this camp, you must be 18 yrs. or older.

Can I bring my non-training spouse / significant other? Absolutely! As mentioned above, there is no discount for not training. The BJJ is always free!

Is there a “Non-rafting” option? Yes, there is! Maybe your spouse wants something to do besides rafting or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable doing the Gauley on dam release day. We get it. You can still enjoy the seminar and the camaraderie of the camping cabins for a significant, “Lodging Only” discount. (see the REGISTRATION PAGE for pricing). Click HERE for a description of the great hiking options at and around the New River Gorge.

Is there a training only option? Unfortunately not. There is however, a “non-rafting” option for those who want to come to the camp but don’t want to raft…

I’ve never been to a camp before, is this camp for me? We won’t lie, this is an adventure camp, for sure! We believe most any active Jiu-Jituero can come to this camp and perform the rafting successfully. That said, if you are afraid of the water, can’t swim, or both than this may not be the camp for you. With our “lodging Only” option, however, you can still come out and have a great seminar and a great time hiking, fishing, caving, or anything else you desire! Check out the “non-rafting” activities in the “Is there a “non-rafting” option”? just above.

Still have questions? No problem! Just shoot us a message here: trainingcamps@yolobjj.com