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The ASEAN Camp is finally here! Head out to Ao Nang for a full week of resort living complete with daily BJJ and “Deep Water Soloing” (see below)!

  • 8 Days / 7 Nights at our resort hotel on Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Thailand
  • 7 days Jiu-Jitsu training sessions with Professor Bruninho Barbosa
  • DWS (Deep-Water-Soloing) excursions
  • Daily maid service
  • A/C, satellite TV, and WI-FI in all rooms
  • On-site swimming pool
  • On-site Jiu-Jitsu training space
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YoloBJJ “ASEAN-Jitsu” Vacation Getaway

Feb. 03- 10 2018

(registration closes January 5th, 2018)

I have been getting requests for almost two years now to hold a camp in Southeast Asia. After spending six months living, travelling, and training there I realized why it would be such an awesome idea!

Southeast Asia has some of the most dramatic scenery and beautiful, sun-drenched spaces in all of the world. From sheer cliffs, to beaches, to jungle in the span of a single glance, Southeast Asia may have more to offer than any other single location on Earth!

So, what kind of a camp are we putting together here? And where? Well…get ready for a super-exciting week of sun, fun, BJJ and “Deep Water Soloing” (Don’t know what that is? check it out below) on beautiful Ao Nang beach, Krabi Thailand!



Krabi Province, Thailand is the backdrop for our first-ever ASEAN-Jitsu camp!

Ao Nang Beach is located on the western shore of the Krabi province of peninsular Thailand. It has an amazing, long, sandy beach – perfect for spending a lazy day sunning and swimming in the clear, warm waters of the Andaman Sea, and access to a ton of great restaurants and outings and tours to places like Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island and tons more!


We are booking rooms in a great resort just off the beach (just a few minutes walk to Ao Nang beach) but on a quiet street just a bit away from the main crowded areas.

The resort has a fabulous pool, restaurant and even a meeting space for us to train in!

The pool has plenty of lounge chairs for relaxing all day!

The pool has plenty of lounge chairs for relaxing all day!

Rooms will be Superior rooms with bookings for two single beds (shared room with two single beds) or one queen / King bed (single or double occupancy).

Rooms all have balconies and modern bathrooms along with A/C, satellite TV, and wi-fi!

All packages include a full breakfast buffet to start our days off right!

A "shared' room in our resort hotel.

A shared room in our resort hotel.

*Please note – The Breakfast buffet has both Asian and Western breakfast fare but is NOT Halal. However, there are MANY Halal options just outside of the resort on the main street.

A double room in our resort hotel.

A double room in our resort hotel.

Rooms will be limited to two people per room, unless prior arrangements are made with us via e-mail.

Food and Dining Options:

Our resort hotel has an onsite restaurant where we can all get together for your INCLUDED breakfast to talk about last night’s rolling session or about the upcoming adventure of the day! Just outside the resort, the main street (Moo 2) is, quite literally, PACKED with dining options. Indian food, Thai food, European and American cuisine as well as plenty of Halal options. You just can’t go wrong grabbing a bite from any of the myriad of choices on the strip. Places like:

Jenna's Bistro offers an upscale dining experience

Jenna’s Bistro offers an upscale dining experience

Jenna’s Bistro and Wine Bar (Imported Australian steaks and Belgian beer), Barwachi Delight for Indian food (try their amazing Butter Chicken Tikka Masala), Or, if you just gotta have an American style burger, you can head over to TJ’s sports bar for what many say is the best burger in Ao Nang.

The Jungle Kitchen is the BEST Thai food in Ao Nang according to TripAdvisor!

The Jungle Kitchen is the BEST Thai food in Ao Nang according to TripAdvisor!

Of course, you can walk up the street a ways to the Jungle Kitchen for what TripAdvisor ranks as the BEST Thai food in Ao Nang!


We are bringing our mats AND Professor Bruninho Barbosa with us to Ao Nang to put on a great, week-long BJJ clinic for all of us to maximize our vacation / Jiu-Jitsu training.

Professor Bruninho Barbosa

Professor Bruninho Barbosa at Monarchy MMA & BJJ, Kuala Lumpur, MY

Professor Bruninho is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt from team Buda Jiu-Jitsu and is quickly becoming famous within the SE Asian community with a recent win over One FC champ Shinya Aioki and a great performance at EBI 10 in Mexico City, MX.

Professor Bruninho is the head Black Belt instructor at Monarchy MMA/BJJ in both the Kuala Lumpur, City Center and Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar locations.

Having personally trained and rolled with Professor Bruninho I can tell you he has a very fluid and transitional style catching most of his submissions when his opponent is forced to transition from one position to another. Meanwhile, He can still pressure pass his way through my guard regardless of my 10+ kilo advantage. I am stoked to get a chance to train with him again at the ASEAN-Jitsu camp this year and I know you will feel the same!

Check out this great example of Professor Bruninho’s slick transitional style!

Deep Water Soloing

What the heck is it??! Well, that’s a great question with a super-simple and FUN answer!

Deep Water Soloing (DWS) is simply, rock climbing, without any ropes or nets, over deep water. It’s that simple!

This gal is far better than I am at DWS :-)

This gal is far better than I am at DWS 🙂

Every camp we put on here at YoloBJJ is designed to offer new and exciting experiences for all of our friends and attendees. For this camp, we had tons of ideas from Elephant trekking (something we a leery of due to some reports of unethical treatment of elephants), to island hopping (difficult to do while hauling mats around 🙂 ) to Skydiving (one of my favorite experiences in S.E Asia! – but VERY expensive.). Since I had such a great time cliff-jumping in the Philippines I thought it would be awesome to take it to “the next level” and do some DWS!

Don’t be intimidated! DWS is as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. We have hired a professional group of climbers to lead us to some awesome climbing routes that feature both easy routes and super-difficult routes. So, if you are new, or have never climbed before…don’t sweat it, me neither 🙂 It’s all about having fun, while trying out something new!

Prepare to get wet and have a great time!

Prepare to get wet and have a great time!

For me, most of the fun comes from the jump, but I also enjoy the satisfaction of challenging myself and climbing, literally, to new heights! But then I get to jump 🙂

Twice during the week, we will hop on board a traditional Thai “longtail” and cruise over to TonSai Bay (a short 10 minute boat ride) for a morning full of challenging ourselves to climb up the iconic limestone karsts of TonSai bay and then having a full-on blast jumping into the deep jade-green waters of the Andaman sea! Then, we will climb back in the boat, head to another spot….and do it again!

EPIC is what life is all about! Be EPIC!

EPIC is what life is all about! Be EPIC!

All associated costs for the two days of DWS are covered in your registration, so there are no unexpected costs associated with the camp!

A day at the ASEAN-Jitsu Camp…

Waking up to your own internal alarm clock, you can turn on the kettle for a cup of tea or coffee or head down to the restaurant for your free breakfast!

After catching up with the crew from BJJ training last night you can sit and enjoy the selection of Asian and Western breakfast foods while talking over the details from last nights Jiu-Jitsu session.Why not sit next to Professor Bruninho and eek out some details of the technique from the previous night’s training ? 😉

After breakfast, on DWS days, we will all gather up and head down to Ao Nang beach (just a few minutes stroll down Moo 2) where we will be picked up by our awaiting Long-tail boat for a brisk ride over to Ton Sai Bay where we will begin our Deep Water Soloing excursion for the day. We will take turns climbing the limestone karsts of the bay and jumping (or falling 🙂 )into the refreshing emerald waters of the Andaman sea and excitedly watching our new Jiu-Jitsu friends scale the cliffs…waiting for that perfect moment where they reach the top….or fall into the water below! A laugh for every splash!

After a few hours of having the best time of our lives, we’ll head back to Ao Nang to get changed (or not 🙂 ) and head out to the strip to grab some lunch at any of the amazing food options on the strip. Afterward we’ll have plenty of time to lounge around the pool or head back to the beach to dig our toes in the sand and soak in the Thailand sun.

In the evening we’ll head to our training room and get in an hour or so of amazing Jiu-Jitsu training led by Professor Bruninho with a blend of techniques, drilling and free-rolling time!

Afterward…a quick shower and it’s time for drinks and dinner! Maybe we will hit the resort restaurant, or maybe we will head over to Jenna’s Wine bistro…or TJ’s Sports bar for some Belgian craft beers! Ether way…we’ll certainly have plenty to talk about as we go over the evenings techniques, our favorite memories from the days cliff-jumping, or one of the many excursions options we have for Non-DWS days!

No Deep Water Solo / training options?

Everyone is welcome at this camp as it is family friendly. If someone in your group doesn’t want to participate in the DWS trips, that’s fine and we even offer a discount! As always, training is included free for all attendees of our camps so a discount for “non-training” isn’t available.


$599.99 USD

(Base Price With DWS)

Write us @ for a special “Instructor’s deal”!

(registration closes January, 5th 2018)

Please be aware that we don’t OWN the resort and that bookings are being made by tons of other people too. Availability is expected to be around 60 people max, but it will fill up quickly as people book rooms for the Holiday season. Don’t hesitate and miss out on the FIRST-EVER ASEAN BJJ camp! Registration will close on January, 5th, 2018 OR when the resort is FULL, whichever come first!

Recap of everything included in your registration:

  • 8 days / 7 nights superior lodging at Ao Nang resort hotel
  • Daily Jiu-Jitsu training sessions with Professor Bruninho Barbosa
  • Daily breakfast included.
  • Daily maid service.
  • Two DWS excursions (including lunch).
  • A/C, WI-FI, and satellite TV in every room.
  • On-Site swimming pool.
  • On-site Jiu-Jitsu training space.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions at:

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