The “Renaissance” Rashguard

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Study everything…train everything…that is the mindset of the “Renaissance Man”. This rashguard captures the true spirit of Leonardo DaVinci….Artist, Doctor, Scientist, Engineer,…Grappler?

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The Renaissance rashguard is a super comfortable poly/spandex blend that protects your body, wicks away moisture, and helps maintain grips on your opponent. Tailored for the “extra-long” fit you won’t need to worry about it “riding-up”. Full-length sleeves help maintain a positive purchase on your opponent and the classic artwork represents one of the greatest minds of any generation.

Like the great Leonardo Da Vinci, great minds explore a vast array of topics. In Jiu-Jitsu the need to understand a wide variety of styles and games (from De La Riva, to Worm guard, to inverted guard, to the top game, etc…) makes for a highly capable jiu-jitero on the mats. The greatest players will be familiar with all styles of ju-jitsu. These men and women will lead the “Renaissance” in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Wear the Renaissance rashguard and Open Your Mind to all of the possibilities!

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