Whitewater TEAM challenge

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The Whitewater-Jitsu Camp is the PERFECT format for a TEAM CHALLENGE!

Bring out your squad and hit the the Class V rapids together! Nothing (besides Jiu-Jitsu) can bring a group of people together better or faster than conquering a challenge together! Here is how it works:

Gather up a boat / cabin crew of eight people and get $100 cash back for the team organizer! Take your trusted group of mat buddies down the 26 mile, Class V infested waters of the Gauley River and build memories that will cement your brotherhood for life!

Take up the challenge! So, your school got together 8 people for a boat / cabin challenge?! Cool, pick up the gauntlet and get your second team together to challenge your buddies on a level playing field.

Sure the mats favor those who have persevered and endured the daily mat beatings for years and years…but on the Gauley, every white belt is their equal! Take some time to help build your gym’s camaraderie with a little friendly competition! maybe you bet dinner on the raft with the fewest wipeouts! or, perhaps it is just for gym bragging rights! Either way, you will get another $100.00 cash back for the team leader of this group too!

You can fill as many boats / cabins as you like and get $100 back for each one! Don’t worry, we have plenty of rafts 🙂 and plenty of cabins!

Hey, you can even issue a challenge to one of your rival gyms! Just like when we are training Jiu-Jitsu, we are all there for a challenge, but also to help challenge each other. Oh, and let them know…the $100 rebate applies to their team as well!

So gather up your crew and dust off your paddling muscles because this is going to be an adventure you (and your crew) will never forget!!!

To book a cabin / boat for your crew (max. 8 people per cabin/boat) e-mail us here: trainingcamps@yolobjj.com