The YoloBJJ Jiu Jitsu Blog

Hi! My name is Eric York and five years ago, after getting my purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I realized that life is too short to spend doing things I didn’t enjoy. So…I quit my job, sold my house, car and all of my belongings and started travelling the world training Jiu-Jitsu and, well…seeking out the best experiences the world has to offer (more or less 🙂 ) and this is my Jiu Jitsu Blog!

I’ve ridden elephants through the jungles of Thailand, dived with Manta Rays in the Sulu Sea, hiked with the Komodo dragons in Indonesia an even jumped out of an airplane in Malaysia! I’ve surfed 4 meter swells in Bali (if getting crushed can be called surfing), hiked the Austrian Alps, survived Oktoberfest in Munich and trained BJJ ALL-ALONG-THE-WAY! I invite you to come along and share my journey. Feel free to read along or, if you have a mind to, come join me anywhere along the way….

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YoloBJJ Jiu Jitsu Blog